The History of NAPMW-Houston began due to a friendship between a Houston Mortgage Banker and a Phoenix Mortgage Banker. Glenyce Holly, an Underwriter for North American Mortgage in Houston, was a friend with Lyn Eppelstone in Phoenix. Lyn was a member of an organization called APMW and invited Glenyce to the National Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City in May 1981. Glenyce was so excited about the education and networking of APMW that she could hardly wait to share it with her mortgage friends back in Texas.


In August 1981, 35 mortgage women met for an informational meeting that quickly became an organizational meeting. Houston APMW was chartered two months later on October 14, 1981. After our association began, APMW exploded in Texas, with charters in San Antonio, Austin and Dallas.


Donning our cowboy boots, cowboy hats and yellow rose lapel pins, we attended our first National Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California in May 1982.

The National Board was not sure they had done the right thing by chartering these bold Texans after we arrived at the meeting!

We immediately bid for the National Annual Meeting to be in Houston in 1986, and imported cases of Lone Star longnecks for our reception. Joe Bob, a wooden armadillo on wheels, was our mascot and went everywhere with us.

Glenyce Holly became our first Region 3 Governor (in today’s system - Central Region VP) and we were off to the races! Literally, off to the races – one of our first fundraisers was a bus trip to Delta Downs, a Louisiana horse race track, where one of the races was named for Houston APMW. 

The history of NAPMW Houston is just starting – stay tuned for the next chapter!


Ryan Black

Director of Programs & Arrangements


1st Vice President of Education

Deanna Mellas



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