NAPMW Foundation

Committed to education, NAPMW founded The APMW Foundation in 1992 with the financial support of VMP Mortgage Forms. The Foundation was created as a separate corporate entity so the NAPMW and its members are equal beneficiaries with the industry at large. By providing financial assistance for industry-related educational programs, it is the goal of The APMW Foundation to create a better educated work force in mortgage lending and its related fields.


In the eleven years since its inception, the Foundation has awarded over 75 scholarships totaling more than $38,000. Funds awarded have been applied to loan closing and appraisal courses, university undergraduate degrees, the Institute of Mortgage Lending "Graduate of Mortgage Lending" course, and other continuing education programs.


So that The APMW Foundation may continue to provide financial assistance to those individuals interested in furthering their careers in the industry through continuing education, donations may be mailed to: P.O. Box 2016, Edmonds, WA 98020-9516


Guidelines and Application For more information about the APMW Foundation, call the NAPMW office at (800) 827-3034, or e-mail us at